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WENZHOU LEINA thread ball valve Features   Wednesday, 18 July 2018

• Low operating torque provided by specially designed RTFE seats. Notches on the outside diameter equalize pressure on both sides of the upstream seat.
• Safety is ensured by anti-blowout stem design.
• Reliable stem seal results from superior stem packing arrangement with RTFE thrust washer as a primary seal and secondary adjustable stem seal of flexible graphite.
• Automatic compensation for stem seal wear with live-loaded stem seal. 2000 psig in all sizes using RTFE seats.
• Body leakage virtually eliminated with unibody design
• Product quality ensured through use of investmentcast carbon or stainless steel body.
• Round handle standard on ¼"–1" sizes and optional on 1¼"–2" sizes. Lever handles on ¼"–1" option available.
• Threaded ends to ASME 1.20.1.

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