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Strainer Pressure Loss introduction

Find the intersection point of the flow rate V L/min and the pressure loss ∆P MPa (usually 0.02 MPa to 0.03 MPa) on the pressure loss chart for the strainer. The nominal size line above the intersection point represents the required nominal size.
When the fluid to be used is different from water in viscosity and specific gravity:
Take any of each nominal size from pressure loss chart (for water) in each product, and calculate the pressure loss at that point using the expression shown below. Draw a line of the same gradient as water's nominal size line. Then, find the required nominal size as When the filter element and the filter screen are different:
Pressure loss seldom changes even if our perforated sheet and filter screen are replaced. However, fine ones and coarse ones are different in the state and progression of clogging. Set a higher safety factor for a finer one.
How to calculate the pressure loss of a strainer:
Find the intersection point of the nominal size line and the flow rate on the chart. The ∆P value at the intersection point is the pressure loss of the strainer.

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