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How to choose a flange ball valve and a threaded ball valve

Flange ball valve advantages: easy to disassemble in the pipeline, suitable for some medium-sized, large-scale chemical projects. It is stable to acid and alkali, strong in pressure resistance and durable in use. The disadvantages of the flange ball valve: high cost, large volume, generally require two or more people to complete the installation. The choice is generally DN15-DN25 caliber. The advantages of the internal thread ball valve: small size, easy to install, generally suitable for home improvement construction, or small pipes such as steam pipes. The price is cheap and the cost is low for the factory. Disadvantages of internal thread ball valves: damage is not easy to disassemble, especially fixed pipes. Sustained ability to withstand stress. The general choice is the specification below the DN50 pipe.
On the whole, the flange ball valve and the internal thread ball valve have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the customer can choose to use according to their actual use. The working principle of the two is the same.

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